Dragon City Online Hack

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This hack use a strong anti-ban protection so nobody will know that you're using it.

Dragon City Online Hack Instructions

Dragon City Online Hack has been specially designed to be very easy to use and also very fast. In first instance you will need to type your data in the above forms including your email account in order to recognize you and to know exactly where to send the resources.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Dragon City Online Hack:

  1. Type your account email and desired number of resources in the above fields and hit the “Begin hacking” buton.
  2. Our software will analyze your data and will redirect you to software’s console in order to start the hacking process.
  3. Allow few seconds to our software to connect to Dragon City server and to add desired resources to your account. In the console you will see every process that is made in order to add resources.
  4. Sometimes our system will ask you to prove that you’re human in order to complete the hacking process.